How to Wash Heated Jackets - Comprehensive Guide

How to Wash Heated Jackets - Comprehensive Guide

Step 1: Disconnect and remove the battery from the zipper bag.

remove the battery from the zipper bag

This is one of the most important steps in ensuring the safety of heated garments. It is very important to remove the rechargeable battery from the garment as it cannot be submerged in water (it will stop working). So make sure you remove it before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Make sure to put the connector cable back and close the zip pocket.

You want to keep the power cord secure, so after removing the battery from the heated jacket or heated vest, you must put the connector cable back and close the zipper. This protects it during washing.

Step 3: Put the coat into the mesh laundry bag.

The wiring to the heated jacket is thin and requires extra attention. We recommend that you place it in a mesh laundry bag.

Step 4: Machine wash.

Do not dry clean. Your heated jacket will prefer to be washed in your washing machine at home than in the dry cleaner. That's great news, isn't it? This can save you a few dollars. It also prefers a machine that doesn't have a whisk in the center, but if that's the machine then a mesh bag would be very helpful. You can even slip it into a pillowcase.

Cool and gentle cycle. You need to be careful. Make sure to set the machine on the gentle cycle and wash in cold water. While you may not like cold showers, Eleheat loves them!

DO NOT BLEACH: Bleaching can damage heated clothing, so it's a no-no.

Step 5: Dry it.

DO NOT TWIST OR TWIST: We know you want it to dry fast so you can use it as quickly as possible, but squeezing or twisting it can damage the internal wiring

In-Line Drying: Heated garments don't like dryers and require in-line drying. Another option is to lay it flat on a towel. Just make sure to move it to the other side from time to time so both sides dry out.

Do not iron: Wrinkles can be prevented by removing it from the washing machine as soon as possible.

Step 6: Ready!

You're all set to use your favorite heated vest again! Now is the time to wear it again in all the styles you own.

How to store heated clothes?

If you are storing a heated jacket, hoodie, or vest, make sure you store it in a well-ventilated and not too humid area. You don't want it to get moldy. Also, keep in mind that you need to keep the battery somewhere with a temperature of 77°F ± 2°F and away from moisture (we recommend 60 ± 15% RH).

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