Fieldsheer Heated Socks Review (Most Useful)

fieldsheer heated socks review

Is The Fieldsheer Heated Socks Best For You?

Who's Going to Love Fieldsheer Heated Socks

  • People who'd appreciate the Merino wool warmth

  • People enjoying app-controlled heat

  • Comfort lovers seeking supportive, cushioned warmth

  • People who need lasting warmth

Who Should Steer Clear of Fieldsheer Heated Socks

  • People who don't like using apps to adjust the temperature

  • People with large calves

  • Budget shoppers are startled by the price

  • Those needing sizes beyond M and XL
Fieldsheer Heated Socks boast a 10-hour battery life. Smart app controls adjust the heat. Extra cushioning ensures all-day comfort. Perfect for tech-savvy outdoor lovers.

Fieldsheer Heated Socks Video Review

Do you prefer watching to reading? Watch this video for Fieldsheer's heated socks review.

Fieldsheer Heated Socks Key Features

fieldsheer heated socks

All day warmth

Enjoy up to 10 hours of heat with a single charge, perfect for any adventure.

No slip features

Engineered for a firm grip, ensuring stability and confidence in every step.

Anti-odor and moisture-wicking

Merino blend material keeps feet dry and odor-free.

App adjusts temperature

Seamless Bluetooth® connectivity with MW Connect™ for easy heat control.

Remaining Battery Display

Stay informed with the battery level indicator, ensuring warmth with no surprises.

Fieldsheer Heated Socks Price

The Fieldsheer Heated Socks are currently available at a sale price of $79.99.

Fieldsheer Heated Socks Pros and Cons


  • Merino wool material

  • Intelligent temperature control by app

  • Arch Support

  • Up to 10 hours of heat

  • Heavy cushioning in key areas


  • Certain phones do not work well with the app

  • Socks run small in the calf section

  • Temperature can only be adjusted via the app

  • It's a little pricey

  • Only available in size M and XL

How Do the Policies Measure Up?

Shipping Policy

Fieldsheer offers free shipping on orders over $99.99, delivering via FedEx Ground or FedEx SmartPost within the Continental United States. Shipping times range from 1-7 business days, depending on location. For Alaska and Hawaii, additional charges apply. International shipping is limited and varies by location.


Fieldsheer offers a one-year warranty for their heated clothing, only for the original buyer from an authorized seller.

The Fieldsheer customer service team will review the warranty claim if there is a problem with the product. They will either repair or replace it. Shipping costs for warranty service are the purchaser's responsibility.

Return Policy

Fieldsheer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for returns and exchanges on items bought from their website. The items must be new, unused, in their original packaging, and returned within 30 days of receiving them.

Extended returns of 45 days apply for purchases made between November 15, 2023, and December 31, with free return shipping. Certain exclusions, like closeout products, may apply.

Fieldsheer Heated Socks User Reviews Screenshots

Ready to find out what Weston Heated Socks is really like? Below, you'll see screenshots of a real portion of user reviews, providing you with unfiltered, direct insight. Keep scrolling to see what they're saying! If you'd like to read more reviews, check them out here
Fieldsheer Heated Socks User Reviews
Fieldsheer Heated Socks User Reviews
Fieldsheer Heated Socks User Reviews
Fieldsheer Heated Socks User Reviews
Fieldsheer Heated Socks User Reviews
Fieldsheer Heated Socks User Reviews
Fieldsheer Heated Socks User Reviews
Fieldsheer Heated Socks User Reviews

Fieldsheer Heated Socks vs. Savior Heated Socks

Savior Heated Socks are best for:

  • Rapid heating

  • All-day warmth (up to 7 hours)

  • Multiple sizes (S-XL)

  • Need battery display

  • Requires heated insteps, toes, and feet

Fieldsheer Socks boast Merino wool and app-controlled heat, perfect for comfort and tech fans. Savior Socks offer quick warmth, lasting up to 7 hours, ideal for those on the go.

In essence, Fieldsheer appeals with natural fabric and smart features, while Savior impresses with rapid heating and extended warmth.

Fieldsheer Heated Socks Alternatives

Price $71.99 $79.99 $109.99
Battery Life Up to 7 hrs Up to 6.5 hrs Up to 10 hrs
Heat Settings High, Med, Low High, Med, Low High, Med, Low
Material Polyester Polyester Cotton
Max Temp 140℉ 131℉ Not available
Overall Rating 4.4/5 4.2/5 4.1/5

The Bottom Line on Fieldsheer Heated Socks

Fieldsheer Heated Socks are warm and technologically advanced. However, they may not be suitable for individuals who prefer not to use an app or require different sizes.

In search of a versatile fit with innovative attributes? Savior Heated Socks could be your ideal match, offering an array of sizes and intuitive temperature adjustments.

Savior heated Socks

Experienced Fieldsheer firsthand or have another heated sock favorite? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!

Fieldsheer Heated Socks FAQs

Can you wash fieldsheer heated socks?

Yes, you can wash Fieldsheer heated socks. They should be machine washed on a delicate cycle in warm water and tumbled dry on low heat.

Avoid wringing, dry cleaning, or using bleach and other harsh chemicals. Also, do not iron the socks. For more detailed cleaning and maintenance tips, please visit How to Wash Heated Socks.

How to use Fieldsheer heated socks?

Using Fieldsheer heated socks is straightforward. First, ensure the batteries are fully charged. Connect the batteries to the socks and place them in the battery pocket.

Next, turn them on by pressing the power button. You can adjust the temperature settings using the MW Connect app, which allows for precise control over the heat levels. Ensure you're within a clear Bluetooth range for seamless connectivity. For more detailed instructions, refer to the user manual provided with your purchase.

To learn more about heated socks and their special features, visit How to Use Heated Socks for detailed instructions.

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