Savior Heated Socks vs. Lenz Heated Socks - Which One is Better?

Savior Heated Socks vs. Lenz Heated Socks

Hey, winter warriors!🎿

Picture this: Gliding on snowy slopes, but suddenly, a cold nip at your toes. Sounds familiar? That's where heated socks come in.

Enter the world of heated ski socks, where Savior and Lenz are the reigning champions. But which one takes the crown?🏆

In this guide, we'll dive into the world of Savior and Lenz heated socks. Whether you're a ski enthusiast or just someone who despises cold feet, this one's for you.

Let's start!

Savior Heated Socks

Savior Heated Socks
Design and Comfort

Savior heated socks detail
Savior Heated Socks blend style with comfort. Made of 55% CoolMax, 25% Elastic, and 20% Spandex, these socks promise a snug fit.

The cushioning at the balls of the feet and toes ensures added comfort during long wear. Plus, the socks come with a non-slip elastic that holds them in place without being too tight.

They've even made battery installation a breeze with a user-friendly pocket design.

Heating Efficiency

Feel the warmth in just seconds! These socks use Advanced Carbon Fiber technology to ensure even heating, especially covering the instep and toe area.

You can choose between three heat settings: High at 140°F, Medium at 122°F, and Low at 104°F. Adjusting to your perfect heat is both easy and safe.

Battery Life

With Savior Heated Socks, you can enjoy warmth for up to 9 hours on the Low setting. When you need to recharge, use the USB-DC charger and two 7.4v 2200mah batteries.

They will power up both socks at the same time in about 3-3.5 hours.


Priced at $79.99, Savior Heated Socks offer a blend of comfort, efficiency, and durability.

Use Cases

These socks are great for skiing, snowboarding, hiking in the snow, or simply walking in winter.

They're the perfect companion. They're also ideal for outdoor workers, winter sports enthusiasts, or anyone who simply wants to keep their feet warm.

Lenz Heated Socks

Lenz Heated Socks
Design and Comfort

Lenz Heated Socks are a blend of style and warmth. Crafted with a mix of merino wool and silk, they promise a cozy and snug fit.

These socks are designed in Austria and tested in the European Alps. The ergonomic knitting ensures an optimal fit, while the ring bandage offers pleasant support.

Plus, shin protectors and additional reinforcements at the toe and heel prevent any pressure points.

Heating Efficiency

The patented Toe Cap heating element ensures all-around warmth, heating the toes from both above and below. The socks use the latest in heat technology, ensuring you don't feel any wires or heating elements.

Battery Life

lenz heated socks battery
With the Lithium Power Pack 1200, you can enjoy warmth for up to 14 hours. The batteries are rechargeable, and the heat output can be regulated with three settings. They are capable of performing even in extreme cold temperatures.


The price of Lenz Heated Socks is $269.99. They are a high-quality product in the heated socks market. This is due to their excellent quality, advanced heating technology, and the use of merino wool and silk in their design.

Use Cases

Lenz socks are versatile! Whether you're skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, fishing, cycling, or even working outdoors, these socks have got you covered.

They're also perfect for those with Raynaud's Syndrome or anyone working in cold environments.

Comparative Analysis

Ease of Use

Both Savior and Lenz socks come with user-friendly features. Savior has a convenient battery pocket, while Lenz lets you control the heat with a smartphone app.

Design Features

Savior socks are made of a blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane, ensuring comfort. Lenz, on the other hand, uses a mix of merino wool and silk, offering both warmth and a sleek design.

Heating Capability

Savior socks promise warmth in just seconds, but they might not heat the arches and heels as effectively. Lenz socks, with their Toe Cap heating element, ensure an all-around warmth, especially for the toes.

Battery Life

Savior socks offer a battery life of 3–8 hours, depending on the setting. Lenz socks have a long-lasting battery life. They can stay warm for up to 14 hours on low.

This makes them a top choice for those who need warmth for an extended period of time.

Value for Money

Savior socks cost $80 and are comfy, efficient, and long-lasting. They're a great option for warmth without spending too much.

On the other hand, Lenz socks, with a price tag of $269.99, are on the higher end. However, they bring advanced features, longer battery life, and a premium material blend, justifying their price point.

Lenz has advanced technology, a long battery life, and a luxurious feel. Savior is a good choice for its price.

In conclusion, both Savior and Lenz heated socks cater to different segments of the market. Your choice will depend on your budget and the features you prioritize. 

User Reviews

Lenz Heated Socks reviews 


Many users have lauded the Lenz heated socks for their top-notch quality and effectiveness.

People have described them as a "game changer" for those working in cold conditions, especially during snowboarding events.

Users have also praised the socks for their comfort, noting that they no longer suffer from cold feet or hands.

Users appreciate the excellent customer service provided by Lenz, highlighting the support they received when facing issues.


However, not all experiences were positive. A user was unhappy with the gloves, saying they wore out fast. Lenz didn't give a refund or replacement.

Another user mentioned that while the socks were great, the gloves didn't heat the fingers effectively and the battery life was shorter than expected.

Savior Heated Socks reviews


Savior heated socks have been well-received by users, especially those with conditions like Reynaud's Phenomenon.

Users have described them as "wonderful" and "toasty warm," appreciating the battery life and the warmth they provide. People have also praised the socks for their fit, comfort, and durability.

One user noted that they're perfect for various winter activities, from snowboarding to hiking.


Some users found the socks too tight and small, making them difficult to pull up. There were also concerns about the battery size and the length of the socks from the toe to the heel.

Another user mentioned the need for hand washing, which might be inconvenient for frequent users.

Final Thoughts

After diving deep into the features and user experiences of both Lenz and Savior heated socks, it's clear that both brands have their strengths and weaknesses.

Lenz stands out for its advanced technology, long battery life, and excellent customer service.

However, some users have raised concerns about the quality and durability of their products, especially the gloves.

On the other hand, people praise the Savior for its comfort, fit, and effectiveness in keeping feet warm. They're especially beneficial for those with conditions like Reynaud's.

However, some users found them a bit tight and had concerns about their size.

In conclusion, the choice between Lenz and Savior will depend on individual preferences and needs. If you're looking for advanced technology and longer battery life, Lenz might be the way to go.

However, if comfort, fit, and value for money are your top priorities, Savior could be your perfect match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are heated socks worth it?

Heated socks provide targeted warmth for cold feet, especially during outdoor activities. For those often in chilly environments, they're a valuable investment.

They ensure comfort and make winter activities more enjoyable. So, yes, they're worth considering!

What are the top-rated heated socks for outdoor activities?

Best Overall: Sun Will Electrically Heated Socks

Runner-Up: Day Wolf Heated Socks

Best for Winter Sports: Savior Heat Heated Socks

Best Budget: Weefun Heated Socks

Best Toe Heating: Snow Deer Heated Socks

Best for Instant Heating: Dr. Warm Heated Socks

Remember, the right heated sock for you depends on your specific outdoor activity and personal preferences.

What features should I consider when buying heated socks?

Material: Look for socks made from materials designed to keep your feet warm and dry, such as wool, polyester, or acrylic.

Fit: Choose socks that fit snugly around the ankles and calves, ensuring they stay in place and provide consistent warmth.

Insulation: The best socks for winter are thick and insulated, designed for cold weather.

Breathable: Ensure the material is breathable to prevent excessive sweating and maintain comfort.

Battery Life: If they're battery-powered, consider how long the battery lasts and how quickly it can recharge.

Temperature Settings: Some heated socks come with adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to customize the warmth based on your needs.

Always prioritize your specific needs and preferences when making a choice.

Should You Wear Socks Under Heated Socks?

Yes, it's a good idea to wear a thin pair of socks under your heated socks. Here's why:

Enhanced Comfort: A light layer can provide additional comfort, especially if the heated socks have internal wiring or elements.

Even Heat Distribution: A thin pair of socks can help distribute the heat more uniformly, preventing hot spots.

Protection: It acts as a barrier, reducing direct contact between the heating elements and your skin, which can be safer.

However, always check the manufacturer's  recommendations to ensure you're using the product safely and effectively.

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