How to Wash Heated Jacket - Most Useful Guide

Savior Heated jacket
Worried washing your heated jacket might ruin it? Fear not! Our guide is simple and ensures your jacket stays as good as new. Keep reading and Care expertise is at your fingertips!

Before washing

1. Read the Care Label or User Manual

Begin by reading these for the best advice on cleaning and maintenance.

Care Label

2. Remove the Batteries

Disconnect and remove the batteries to protect the electrical components during washing.

3. Close the zipper pocket

Cover the connector with a waterproof cap and place the cable back into the battery bag. Then close the zipper pocket.

Heated Jacket Battery Bag

4. Checking the pocket

Ensure no items are left inside that could cause harm during a wash.

Pre-wash and stain removal

Generally, it's best to spot clean your heated garments. If there are stains on your heated jacket, pre-treat them before washing. Locate the stained area and gently wipe with a damp cloth.

If necessary, mix a small amount of mild soap with warm water.Apply the mixture to the mark and clean it using a cloth or soft brush. Finally, rinse the stain with cold water.

Wash your heated jacket

Hand Wash

Hand Wash

For hand-washing, gently wash with a mild detergent and cold water. Avoid wringing or twisting the heated clothing, as this could damage the heating system. Finish by rinsing the garment several times in clean water.

Machine Wash (if applicable)

Machine Wash

1. Use a gentle cycle with cold water

Cold water and gentle cycles help preserve the jacket's electrical components and fabric integrity.

2. Place the jacket in a laundry bag

A laundry bag protects the jacket from snagging or tangling, reducing potential damage to its wiring system.
Place the jacket in a laundry bag

3. Use a mild detergent

Use a gentle detergent to keep the jacket's functionality and appearance intact, as harsh chemicals can damage it.

4. Do not dry clean or bleach

Dry cleaning chemicals and bleach can degrade the jacket's materials and damage the heating elements, compromising safety and warmth.

How to dry your heated jacket

dry clothes
  • Hang your heated jacket in a well-ventilated area to air dry.

  • Do not wring or twist the garment.

  • Avoid using tumble dryers or irons.

Pro tips for maintenance

  • Before cleaning, please turn off the power, remove the battery, and check the pocket.

  • Opt for spot cleaning your heated jacket when possible, as sometimes that's all that's needed.

  • Pre-treat any stains before washing.

  • Use a mild detergent with warm or cold water for washing your heated jacket.

  • Hand washing is preferable to machine washing.

  • Do not tumble dry; instead, hang it in a ventilated area to air dry.

  • Avoid ironing, dry cleaning, and bleaching the heated clothing.

  • Do not wring or twist the garment.

  • Keep it out of prolonged exposure to sunlight.

How to store your heated jacket

Clean and Dry

Before storing, ensure that your heated clothing is clean and completely dry.

Battery Removal

Place the battery separately in a dry area, away from any metal components that could potentially cause a short circuit.

Proper Storage

Store your heated clothing in a dry, well-ventilated, and cool place. For added protection, you can keep it in a sealed storage container.

Care of batteries

To prolong the battery's lifespan, discharge (or charge) it to 50% every three months.

Safety Warning

  • Please keep heated clothing out of reach of children.

  • Avoid direct contact of heating elements with exposed skin.

  • If you experience discomfort, please turn off the power immediately.

  • Do not crush or pinch the wires.

  • If you notice any abnormal operation of the heating clothing, please stop using it immediately and contact the supplier.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, it's crucial to keep your heated jacket in top shape to ensure it serves you well. By following these care instructions, you'll not only extend its lifespan but also ensure your safety and comfort.

We'd love to hear from you! Have you encountered any unique tips or experiences while caring for your heated jacket? Please share them in the comments below. Your insights can be incredibly valuable to the community.

And don't forget to spread the warmth – share this guide with friends and family who also cherish their heated apparel. Happy heating!


How to wash milwaukee heated jacket

This article is the most authoritative, comprehensive and useful guide on how to clean a heated jacket.You can read this article to find out.

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This article is the most authoritative, comprehensive and useful guide on how to clean a heated jacket.You can read this article to find out.

How do you know if a jacket can be washed in washing machine?

  • Check the care label on the jacket for any washing instructions.

  • If the label indicates "hand wash only" or "do not machine wash," then avoid washing it in a machine.

How do you wash a non machine washable jacket?

  • Spot clean with a damp cloth or sponge.

  • Hand wash with mild detergent and cold water if necessary.

  • Hang to dry in a well-ventilated area after washing.

How long does heated jackets last?

Depending on which level setting you use, most heated jackets can last between six and ten hours on the low setting. You'll probably only get two to three hours of high levels, so you might consider buying a backup battery.


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