How to Wash Heated Gloves: A Ultimate Guide

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Washing heated gloves doesn't have to be a daunting task. Get it right, and your favorite winter accessory will keep your hands warm for many winters. Get it wrong, and well, you don’t want to go there.

This guide offers an easy and safe method to clean heated gloves. Whether you're a new user or a pro, we have crafted steps just for you. Keep your gloves in top shape and extend their life effortlessly.

Ready to uncover the secrets? Let's get started!

How to Wash Heated Gloves

1.Read the Care Label or User Manual Carefully

Tailored instructions come with every pair of heated gloves. Begin by reading these for the best advice on cleaning and maintenance.

2.Remove the Batteries

Safety first! Disconnect and remove the batteries to protect the electrical components during washing.heated gloves battery

3.Position Connector Cables and Secure Zipper Bag

Protect the connectors by cover connectors with waterproof caps and placing them back into position and securely closing the zipper bag.savior heated gloves connector cables

4.Use a Mesh Laundry Bag for Washing

A mesh laundry bag prevents snagging and tangling, keeping your gloves safe.mesh washing bag

5.Warm Water Wash – Gentle Cycle Only

Stick to gentle machine washing in warm water. Avoid dry cleaning or bleaching.

6.Gently Squeeze Out Excess Water

Handle with care! Squeeze but don’t wring to remove water without damaging heating components.

7.Air Dry - Avoid Tumble Drying and Ironing

Let them dry naturally, away from harsh drying methods that may cause damage.

8.Reinstall the Batteries

Once dry, follow instructions to reinstall batteries, ensuring alignment and secure connection.

Care Tips for Heated Gloves

1. Battery Maintenance

Initial Charging: Before using your heated gloves for the first time, charge the batteries for 8-12 hours, even if the 'charged' indicator turns on.

Regular Charging: To maintain battery health, charge every 3 months. If left uncharged for over 6 months, batteries might lose their efficiency.

2. Safe Storage

Cool, Dry Place: Store your heated gloves in a cool, dry environment. Direct sunlight or heat sources can damage the material and affect the glove's performance.

Battery Care: Always take out batteries if you're storing the gloves for a long time. This prevents potential damage and ensures the gloves are ready for the next use.

Avoid Folding: Folding or crumpling the gloves can damage the internal heating elements. Lay them flat or hang them up.

3. Usage Tips

Heat Settings: Adjust the heat settings based on your activity. For regular use, the medium setting is often sufficient. Use the high setting only in extremely cold conditions.

Battery Life: Depending on the heat setting, battery life can vary. It's essential to be aware of the battery duration to prevent them from dying during use.

4. Safety Considerations

Interference with Devices: Some heated gloves can interfere with devices like avalanche beacons. Ensure you're aware of any potential interference before using them in specific scenarios.

Health Precautions: If you have specific health conditions, consult with a medical professional before using heated gloves. Regularly check for any skin reactions.


Mastering the care of your heated gloves is as simple as following these 8 steps. A little effort ensures warmth for seasons to come.

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Storing Heated Gloves?

Proper storage extends life and efficiency. Cool, dark closets work wonders, and regular battery care goes a long way.

Safety of Heated Gloves?

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines, and you're golden. Mind moisture and always take them off before sleeping.

Removing Odors from Heated Gloves?

Vinegar or baking soda solutions can do the trick. Soak, rinse, and always follow specific cleaning instructions.

Continuous Use of Heated Gloves?

Typically lasting 2-9 hours, rechargeable lithium batteries power most heated gloves. Need more time? Consider additional batteries.

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