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Club Member Benefits

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What rewards can I get?

What rewards can I get?

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SAVIOR CLUB?

SAVIOR CLUB is a reward program of savior heat, the purpose is to repay the support of new and old customers. Join SAVIOR CLUB to experience better shopping service and learn more preferential information.

How do I join the SAVIOR CLUB?

To join SAVIOR CLUB, please create an online store account, or if you already have an online store account, please log in. You can become a member of SAVIOR CLUB, joining is free and you can get 200 heated points.

How do I earn heated points?
You can earn heated points through these activities:
  • Create an account:200 heated points.
  • Consumption Rewards:10 heated point/s for every $1 spent.
  • Subscribe to newsletter: 100 heated points
  • Sharing on social media: 50 heated points
  • Birthday Celebration: 200 heated points
How do I know my heated point balance?

Once logged into your account, click on the SAVIOR CLUB icon in the lower right corner of your browser window. There you will find your points balance.

How do I redeem my heated points?

Click Redeem Method to redeem your points and choose your favorite reward. When you do this, you will receive a coupon code to use on your order in our store.

Can I redeem heated points for free products?

Yes, you can redeem heated points for our free product rewards. After redeeming your points, you will receive a discount code. Using the discount code, you can buy the corresponding product for free.

Do I need to pay for shipping to redeem a free product?

Yes. You need to pay shipping and tax (if any) to get free or discounted products.

Will my heated points expire?

Yes, your heated points will expire in 1 year. If you do not earn or use any heated points during this period, they will no longer be available for use.

Have other questions?

If you have any further questions please email We'd love to help!