Brand Story

Savior Heat's Brand Story

A long time ago, there was a beautiful little girl who lived in the countryside in the northwest. It was very cold every winter, and minus 20 degrees was a common occurrence. She has to walk more than ten miles to school every day, and her feet and hands are always red and swollen from the cold, with frostbite, no matter how thick gloves and shoes she buys. At this time, the little girl prayed to God, hoping that God would give her a pair of gloves and shoes that could be heated, so that she could always feel warm.

Ten years later, she graduated from university and chose to come to the beautiful Shenzhen city, where you can see the beautiful sea and there is no cold winter. She met a sunny and handsome boy in Shenzhen. They fell in love. She told him stories about her childhood and her dreams. The boy took this deeply into his heart.

Two years later, on a bright spring day, the boy knelt down in front of the girl, took out an exquisite ring and a beautiful black gift box, which contained a pair of heated gloves and heated shoes carefully developed by the boy. Helping the girl realize her childhood dream, the girl was very moved and agreed to the boy's proposal.

They live happily together, and in order to bring warmth to more people living in the cold, they will fight for the rest of their lives.