Glove maintenance

1.Treat your leather gloves with leather balm

2.Dry the garment away from heat sources and in a ventilated place

Battery maintenance:

1. the battery used for heating needs to be stored in a dry environment,

2. the battery will oxidize in a certain period. We recommend charging the battery every 1-2 months

3. our battery design is not afraid of bumps, but sharp bumps will damage the battery. So please don't try!


Charging note:

1. our battery is very safe, but it is also a high thermal energy product. So please don't put the battery on the

bed, sofa or carpet to recharge!!

2. the battery has a certain capacity and power bearing capacity, so please disconnect it as soon as possible

during the expected charging time of the battery, otherwise the battery will be damaged.

3. please pay attention to the charging model and use the appropriate charger and charging cable.


Cleaning instructions:

1.Take out batteries

2.Hand Wash (Suggest)

3.Machine Wash (put it into washing bag)

4.We prefer to use hand washing. Machine washing may break the heating wire and cause short circuit in the heating circuit (although it does not often)