About Savior - History of a Passion

About Savior - History of a Passion

Savior is a modern and dynamic company, lovingly cared for in heated gloves, We focus on our heat technology. Since we first opened, we pride ourselves on our standard of excellence.Making all customers feel welcome and assisting them in every step of the process is what made SAVIOR Shop great!

We started SAVIOR with the idea of bringing warmth to those who suffer from arthritis, frostbite, stiff joints, cold hands&feet on chilly days. Founded in 2008,SAVIOR is now known for producing and selling professional high-quality electric HEATED products, such as heated gloves, heated mittens, heated liners, heated socks, heated jackets, etc.

Our products are suitable for all cold hands & feet, perfect for outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing snowmobiling,hunting,ice fishing,sledding, motorcycling,cycling, riding,camping, hiking, walking, shoveling, or work in a freezerenvironment.

Savior can sell 500,000 pairs of gloves per peak season. At present, Savior has established a distribution network in 26 countries and regions around the world. Since Savior was officially established in 2008, it has received extensive attention from ski consumers in the United States, China and Canada.

After more than ten years of brand precipitation, Savior ski gloves has become a mature R&D brand in the field of ski gloves. Savior pays great attention to the investment in product innovation and research and development, careful selection of materials, high-level processing technology and fashionable and avant-garde appearance design. Savior maintains a leadership position in the world of ski sports gloves.

Savior has created several brands, we have successfully built a business that can lead the heating and sports products market and continue to bring our quality products to the world, our leading brands are...

We will become the global leader in the smart electric heating industry in 2023!


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