SAVIORHEAT Heated Socks - Beginner's Guide

SAVIORHEAT Heated Socks - Beginner's Guide

Are heated socks good for skiing ?

Yes, heated socks are more suitable for skiing than ordinary socks. When skiing in a low temperature environment for a long time, it will affect the flexibility of the lower body. flexibility.

Can you wear regular socks over heated socks?

Yes, you can. In some extremely cold weather conditions, a pair of socks may not keep you warm enough. At this time, consider wearing a layer of regular socks over heated socks to keep your legs warm enough.

Can i extend the battery cord on heated socks?

Yes, you can. But we recommend that you do not extend the battery.

Do heated socks help circulation?

In addition to helping you stay flexible in the cold, heated socks can also help ease blood circulation from the leg to the foot (a big reason why your toes are often cold).

Can i wear heated socks to bed?

We do not recommend wearing heated socks in bed. This can cause you to wake up overheated and sweaty in the middle of the night.

How much voltage do you need to heat socks?

SAVIORHEAT uses 7.4V battery to provide enough power.

How long does it take to fully charge heated socks?

Usually, it will take about 3-4 hours for a full charge.

How to charge heated socks?
charge heated socks

Charge the battery for the first time at room temperature using the supplied charger.


The red light on the charger is always on while charging, and the green light on the charger is on when charging is complete.

Can i wash heated socks?

Yes, you can.

How to wash heated socks?


Remove the Batteries


Hand Washing


Machine Washing

 Natural Drying

Remove the Batteries

Remove Batteries before Cleaning the Heated Socks

Hand Washing

Hand Washing is Recommended

Machine Washing

Machine Washing in a Laundry Bag

Natural Drying

Do not Use the Washing Machine Dehydration, Natural Drying

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