Best Heated Snowmobile Gloves Of 2023 ( Top 5 Reviews)

snowmobile riding

If you love riding snowmobiles in cold weather, you understand the importance of

keeping your hands warm and comfortable.

The best heated snowmobile gloves ensure that your fingers stay warm, allowing

them to move freely.

This means you can ski, cycle, or other outdoor activities in the cold without any


But how do heated gloves work? And what makes one pair better than the other?

Let’s dive right in to discover more about their glove's features and benefits.

The best heated snowmobile gloves

Top rated heated snowmobile gloves: Savior heated gloves

Savior heated snowmobile gloves


  • Heating elements: carbon fiber heating

  • Temperature range: 100°F (low) – 150°F (high)

  • Power source: 7.4V rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Battery life: 2200 mAh

  • Duration: High 140-150°F   2-2.5 hours
                    Medium 122-131°F  3-3.5 hours
                    Low 100-113°F   6-6.5 hours

  • Material: waterproof softshell, polyester insulation, Internal soft velvet

  • Special features: Touchscreen-sensitive, anti-slip material on palms

  • Sizes: XS-3XL
Savior heated snowmobile gloves heat setting


  • Well-insulated even without using a heating element

  • The well-designed battery compartment ensures that you hardly notice the batteries

  • Quickly heats in 30 seconds

  • Three heating setting

  • Fit is perfect


  • Gauntlets could be longer

  • Heating might not always meet expectations

  • The Wristband area can be bulky, making it difficult to fit under some coat sleeves
Savior heated snowmobile gloves features

Savior Electric Heated Gloves, one of the high-quality gloves in the market,

provide efficient battery-heated warmth.

The touch-screen compatible feature on the index finger and thumb is a modern

necessity for many.

The wrist strap is bulky and the heating may not always meet expectations,

despite being well-insulated and fitting well.

These gloves are great for winter use, with different sizes and quick heating. They

are worth considering.

MADETEC electric heated camo gloves

MADETEC Electric heated camo gloves


  • Heating elements: carbon fiber heating

  • Temperature range: 100°F (low) – 140°F (high)

  • Power source: 7.4V rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Battery life: 2200 mAh

  • Duration: Red Light: 130-140F  Working Time: 3 Hours
                   Green Light: 120-130F  Working Time: 5Hours
                   Blue Light: 100-120F   Working Time: 7Hours

  • Material: polyester fabric, PU

  • Special features: 5 fingers to touch and windproof and cold-proof lock cloth on the arm

  • Sizes: M-2XL
MADETEC Electric heated camo gloves heat setting


  • Double-layer lock, better windproof effect

  • Battery Usage Display

  • Gloves are warm even without batteries

  • Touch screen fingertips work wonderfully


  • Not very well insulated

  • The battery pack is poor and made of shrink wrap rather than formed plastic

  • Not waterproof
MADETEC Electric heated camo gloves features

MADETEC electric heated camo gloves look cool.

One of their standout features is the double-layer lock for enhanced windproof.

The gloves are also convenient with a battery usage display and touchscreen.

Despite these pros, they are not very well-insulated and lack waterproofing. The

battery pack could also use improvement.

These gloves can heat in different ways and protect you from the wind. They

could be a good option for you. 

Warmest snowmobile gloves:  SHAALEK battery heated gloves

SHAALEK battery heated snowmobile gloves


  • Heating elements: carbon fiber heating

  • Temperature range: 113°F (low) – 158°F (high)

  • Power source: 7.4V rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Battery life: 5000 mAh

  • Duration: 1 Level- Red,149-158°F   6 hours
                    2 Level - Blue,140-149°F   7 hours
                    3 Level - Green,131-140°F   8 hours
                    4 Level - Blue Green, 113-122°F  9 hours
                    5 Level- Purple,113F-122°F  12 hours

  • Material: 3M Thinsulate

  • Special features: Touch sensors on each finger and windproof and Double Windproof Design

  • Sizes: M-XL
SHAALEK battery heated snowmobile gloves heat setting


  • 5-level temperature setting

  • 4 levels of power display

  • 5000 mAh Strong Battery

  • Total Palm Anti-slip Design

  • Carbon fiber shell design protects hands

  • 3M Thinsulate insulation


  • The charger is slow

  • These gloves have weak insulation all around

  • The battery is very bulky

  • The heating element doesn’t heat the complete hand
SHAALEK battery heated snowmobile gloves features

The SHAALEK heated gloves showcase a blend of advanced features. With touch

sensors on every finger, a double windproof design, and a large 5000 mAh


The total palm anti-slip design and the protective carbon fiber shell further

enhance their value.

The charger is slow and the battery may be bulky. However, the 5-level

temperature setting and 4 power display levels make up for these drawbacks.

Some users might also wish for improved insulation and a more comprehensive

heating element.

However, these gloves are worth considering for purchase, especially for

temperature customization and battery longevity.

SNOW DEER heated gloves 

SNOW DEER heated gloves


  • Heating elements: carbon fiber heating

  • Temperature range: 100°F (low) – 150°F (high)

  • Power source: 7.4V rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Battery life: 2200 mAh

  • Duration: High 140-150°F   2-2.5 H
                   Middle 122-131°F   3-3.5 H
                   Low 100-113°F   6-6.5H

  • Material: Sheepskin, polyester

  • Special features: large heating area and touch sensor

  • Sizes: XS-3XL
SNOW DEER heated gloves heat setting


  • 3 Heat settings Adjustable

  • Soft breathable material

  • The gloves are great insulated

  • The leather palms are sturdy

  • Batteries are easy to charge and attach.


  • They are bulky

  • Sizing ran small

  • It will not charge on 12 volts (car)

  • Batteries don't last long on high
SNOW DEER heated gloves features

The SNOW DEER heated gloves, with their fleece lining, provide an added layer

of warmth.

With 3 adjustable heat settings, they offer flexibility in temperature control.

Crafters make the gloves from supple, ventilated fabric for coziness and give

them robust insulation for heat retention.

However, you should be aware of a few caveats.

The gloves can be a bit bulky and might run smaller in size than expected.

Additionally, the inability to charge on 12 volts like a car and the short battery life

on the highest setting.

But, if you value comfort, insulation, and adjustable settings, these gloves are

worth considering.

Unigear rechargeable heated gloves

Unigear Rechargeable Heated Gloves


  • Heating elements: carbon fiber heating

  • Temperature range: 95°F (low) – 140°F (high)

  • Power source: 7.4V rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Battery life: 2200 mAh

  • Duration: low 95°F/35°C 7h
                   middle 113°F/45C 4.5h
                   high 140°F/60C 2.5h

  • Material: goatskin, polyester, cotton, 3M Thinsulate

  • Special features: sensitive touch screen and 3M Thinsulate

  • Sizes: XS-2XL
Unigear Rechargeable Heated Gloves heat setting


  • Faster charging and Convenient To Carry

  • Humanized Technological Design

  • The nose wipe allows for the easy removal of snow or water from the face


  • Warmish - but does not meet expectations

  • The insulation in the glove is not hugely effective

  • It is hard to wear while driving due to the light
Unigear Rechargeable Heated Gloves features

Unigear's heated gloves charge quickly. They have a useful nose wipe feature.

The design is thoughtful and user-friendly. Plus, they are portable.

However, while they offer some warmth, they might not live up to everyone's

expectations of insulation. And if you're planning on wearing them while driving,

the light could be a distraction.

For those stressing convenience and unique features, these gloves are worth


Now It’s Your Turn

You've taken a deep dive into the best heated snowmobile gloves of 2023.

So, which pair caught your eye?

Is it the rapid-heating Savior Electric Heated Gloves with touchscreen sensitivity?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


What should you look for when buying snowmobile gloves?

At the end of the day, you'll want snowmobile gloves built to last and tackle harsh weather. Check the insulation, keeping in mind where you'll be riding.

You'll want gloves with thicker insulation for colder, more exposed trails. But if you plan to be more active in the field, you'll want gloves with a thinner insulation.

Also, don't overlook the glove fit and extra features like touchscreen capability. Before buying, scan user reviews and set a realistic budget for the best value.

Are heated snowmobile gloves worth it?

Heated snowmobile gloves are absolutely worth it if cold fingers often bother you during winter rides. They not only keep your hands warm but also ensure you fully enjoy your ride. Remember, cold and stiff fingers can lessen the fun and might even be risky.

How do heated snowmobile helmets work?

Heated snowmobile helmets feature a shield with electric heating elements. These elements, powered by a cord connected to the snowmobile's electrical system, work to prevent fogging and icing on the shield.

How do you keep your hands warm while snowmobiling?

Keeping your hands warm while snowmobiling is essential for both comfort and safety. Here are several strategies to ensure your hands stay warm:

  • Use Heated Gloves: Built-in heating elements keep hands warm.

  • Insulated Gloves: Ensure they're designed for winter sports.

  • Handlebar Heaters: Warms the grips on your snowmobile.

  • Glove Liners: Add an extra layer of warmth.

  • Waterproof Gloves: Wet hands get cold quickly.

  • Hand Warmers: Slip them into gloves for extra heat.

  • Proper Fit: Avoid tight gloves that restrict circulation.

  • Keep Core Warm: A warm body helps warm hands.

What are the warmest gloves for snowmobiling?

When you're looking for the warmest gloves for snowmobiling, the SHAALEK battery heated gloves are a great choice. They use carbon fiber to heat and can get as warm as 158°F. Plus, they have a strong battery that can last for hours.

The gloves also have touch sensors on every finger and a special design to keep out the wind. And with the 3M Thinsulate material, your hands stay even warmer. The charger may be slow, but these gloves are warm and have useful features for snowmobilers.

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