Heated Grips vs. Heated Gloves - Which One Is The Best?

Heated Grips vs. Heated Gloves

Who Should Choose Heated Gloves?

  • Quick Warmth Seekers: Heated gloves win for heating speed, providing rapid and even warmth across the entire hand

  • Off-Bike Users: These gloves are usable for various activities beyond biking due to their portability and range of temperature settings

  • Convenience Lovers: Those gloves allow easy access to your smart devices without removing the gloves

  • Comprehensive Protection Seekers: Offering full-hand coverage and effective protection from windchill, they're ideal for those riding in extreme cold

Who Should Choose Heated Grips?

  • Budget-Conscious Riders: Heated grips are the go-to for those mindful of cost

  • Simplicity and Longevity Preferrers: With low maintenance, no need for extra storage, and connection to the bike's battery for extended lifespan

  • Consistent Bike Users: Ideal for riders who primarily need warmth while on their bikes and prefer a permanent, one-time installation

  • Minimal Gear Enthusiasts: They require no additional gear to wear, suiting those who prefer not to carry extra items

Heated Grips vs. Heated Gloves: The Basics

What are Heated Grips?

heated grips

Heated grips are a specialized accessory primarily designed for motorcycles to provide warmth to the rider's hands in cold riding conditions.


  • Enhanced Comfort: Warms hands during cold rides

  • Extended Riding Season: Enables colder weather riding

  • Easy Installation: Mounts on most motorcycles

  • Variable Heating Levels: Adjustable to individual preferences

  • Improves Grip: Enhances control and safety


  • Incomplete Coverage: Warms palms, not back of hands

  • Potential Power Drain: May drain the motorcycle's battery

  • Space Consumption: Can bulk up handlebars

What are Heated Gloves?

Heated gloves keep your hands warm in the cold with built-in heating. They protect and provide warmth for your hands. These gloves have rechargeable batteries and can be adjusted for temperature using a button or switch.

savior heated motorcycle gloves


  • Portability: Can be used on any motorcycle or outdoor activity, not limited to just one vehicle

  • Full Coverage: Provides comprehensive warmth, not just to the palm but the entire hand, including fingers

  • Versatility: Can be used for various activities in cold weather, beyond motorcycle riding


  • Charging Required: Batteries need to be charged, which requires foresight and can be inconvenient

  • Bulkiness: Can be bulky, potentially hindering fine motor movements

  • Cost: Generally more expensive than heated grips

Heated Grips vs. Heated Gloves Video Comparison

Heated Grips vs. Heated Gloves - Detailed Comparison

Heating Speed

Heated Grips: They take time to warm up, and the heat is primarily felt on the palms.
Heated Gloves: Heat up faster, providing an immediate sense of warmth across the entire hand. Many heated gloves support rapid heating.
Winner: Heated Gloves.


Heated Grips: Connected to the bike's battery, they can continue to operate as long as the bike is running.
Heated Gloves: Battery life varies, generally lasting 6-10 hours in a low-temperature setting.
Winner: Heated Grips.


Heated Grips: Range from $50 to $100, installation can be DIY.
Heated Gloves: Typically more expensive, Range from $100 to $150.
Winner: Heated Grips.


Heated Grips: Anything in contact with the heated grips, i.e., your fingers and palm, will be heated.
Carbon fiber panels on the back and fingers of heated gloves protect against windchill and cold temperatures. The heat from the carbon fiber panels will cover your entire hand, making it warmer.
Winner: Heated Gloves.

Protection from Windchill

Heated Grips: Less effective against windchill, as they don’t cover the entire hand.
Heated Gloves: Effective in protecting against windchill, as they cover the whole hand.
Winner: Heated Gloves.


Heated Grips: Do not restrict movement or choice of protective gear, but are limited to use with the bike.
Heated Gloves: Can be used off the bike.
Winner: Heated Gloves.


Heated Grips: Limited to use on the bike, with fewer temperature settings.
Heated Gloves: These can be used for various activities, and offer more temperature settings.
Winner: Heated Gloves.


Heated Grips: Always on the bike, no need to wear additional gear, but installation is required.
Heated Gloves: Need to be carried along and charged, but no installation is required on the bike.
Winner: Heated Gloves (for ease of use without installation).

Ease of Use & Maintenance

Heated grips: Easy to maintain, always on the bike, no need for extra storage or gear to wear.
Heated gloves need maintenance, can be big, must be carried, and may have wires or batteries that need upkeep.
Winner: Heated Grips.

Our Final Verdict

Choose heated gloves if you seek quick warmth, versatility, and full-hand protection, ideal for various cold-weather activities. Savior Heated Gloves are a top pick for their comprehensive features.

Opt for heated grips if you prefer a budget-friendly, low-maintenance solution primarily for biking. Oxford Heated Grips are notable for their durability and ease of installation.


What is better heated grips or heated gloves?

Rider UK's experiment highlights heated gloves for quick heating and full-hand coverage, ideal off-bike and in severe cold. Heated grips, though, are more affordable and offer longer-lasting warmth but with limited coverage. Your choice should consider needs, budget, and riding conditions.

Is it worth getting heated grips?

Heated grips are valuable for cold-weather riders, offering cost-effective warmth and enhanced safety. Easy to install and powered by the bike's battery, they provide consistent heat but don't cover the back of the hands. Despite this, they're a worthy investment for improved comfort and control in cold climates.

Are heated gloves worth it?

Heated gloves are considered worthwhile for individuals with conditions like Raynaud's or those who stay in cold environments. They provide quick, even warmth, essential for various activities. However, quality varies, and they can be pricey. 

Do heated grips drain battery?

Heated grips can drain the battery if left on, especially when the bike is off. Using a relay or switched circuit can prevent this, ensuring they only draw power when the ignition is on.

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